Boxcar gekauft von WriteThat.Name

Da schreibe ich die Tage gerade noch ein Tutorial, wie man Boxcar einrichtet, dann erreicht mich heute eine email vom Dienst WriteThat.Name*, dass dieser Dienst Boxcar gekauft hat.

Hi Michael,

I’m excited to share a WriteThatname exclusive with you right before it hits the press! Today we acquired Boxcar, a mobile and desktop universal notification platform launched in New York in 2009.

As of late they have been having technical issues mostly due to a shortage of servers / lack in funding and as our visions- to simplify one’s digital life- are similar, we wanted to make sure their story continued. This summer we’ll thus be collaborating with their team to stabilize their platform and then to start integrating what’s best about each respective service to offer you an even more productive WriteThatname and Boxcar experience.

Feel free to read a bit more about this acquisition on our blog here and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to giving you an update in September and will then invite you to check out Boxcar once we’ve re-established its full value.

Best wishes and enjoy the summer!

(Quelle: Newsletter)


In diesem Sommer werden also die Server von WriteThat.Name und Boxcar zusammengeführt, um beide Dienste stabiler zu haben, allen voran Boxcar, welche ja gerne in der Vergangenheit mal paar Tage nicht funktionierten.

Ich bin gespannt, ob Boxcar stabiler wird.


Nutzt ihr Boxcar?

Michael Kupfer

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